Gerhard Kraus - Jazz Guitarist
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Swing, BeBop, Bossa Nova, Funky Jazz and more

Subtle background jazz or powerful concertante

Solo Guitar, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet...


Short facts:

Gerhard Kraus, professional jazz guitarist (lecturer in music, author and guitar historian/curator),
was born in Southern Germany and lives in the USA since many years.

He has performed with many of the best jazz musicians in the world such as Hank Jones, Dusko Goykovich and many more and was one of the guitarists in the Houston Jazz Band for 17 years.
Gerhard currently plays in his own projects and in many other internationally renowned bands from duo to sextet worldwide, like the Lynn Seaton Quartet and many others.

He always provides an honest, interesting and powerful jazz performance with a classic jazz guitar sound,
without electronic effects, playback, looper etc.
Gerhard Kraus swings hard with a lot of musicality, incredible virtuosity and know-how,
and depending on the situation, he plays stylistically according to old heros or simply himself.

Gerhard Kraus, Dallas,Texas
E-mail:  gerhardkraus "at"
Text Message: +1 281 - 798 - 8691


 Some Youtube Video Clips with Gerhard Kraus:

Lynn Seaton & Gerhard Kraus (duo bass & guitar) - Shiny Stockings:

Lynn Seaton & Gerhard Kraus (duo bass & guitar) - I remember you:

Tanna Hall and the Houston Jazzband (Trio), live - LOVE (guitar with bass lines ;-)):

Bob Pike Band - Broadway, live (guitar solo): Broadway - Bob Pike Quartet with Gerhard Kraus on guitar

Bob Pike Band - Just Friends, live (guitar solo):

Lynn Seaton Trio - Medley, live:

Bob Pike Band, Bye, Bye Blackbird, live (guitar solo):

               Some pics: 


The pictures from left to right, from top to bottom:

Tianna Hall and the Houston Jazzband (Sextet), Sandaga Jazzband, Lynn Seaton & Friends, Joey DeFrancesco & Gerhard Kraus ,
Lynn Seaton & Gerhard Kraus,
Greentown Jazzband, Dusko Goykovich & Gerhard Kraus, The Houston Jazzband (Trio),
The Houston Jazzband (Quintet),
Russell Malone & Gerhard Kraus, Pat Martino & Gerhard Kraus, Brad Leali & Gerhard Kraus,
Tianna Hall & The Houston Jazzband (Quartet), Lynn Seaton Quartet, Warren Sneed Quartet, Bob Pike Quartet,
Ray Brown
& Hank Jones & Gerhard Kraus, Christian Bruhn & Gerhard Kraus, Lynn Seaton & Friends, Justin Pierce Quartet, Gerhard Kraus

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